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Dynamics NAV 2015 | version 8.00

The latest version of Dynamics NAV (Navision) confirms Microsoft Dynamics continued commitment to their annual release cycle for their ERP solution Dynamics NAV. Dynamics NAV 2015 becomes mobile and supports as something new mobile devices.

More mobile

The new version, NAV 2015, offers a number of new standard features. However, the most remarkable in connection with the launch of Dynamics NAV 2015 is, that Microsoft Dynamics now offers a mobile app that supports the functions in the ERP solution.

As usual, a Dynamics NAV release requires a catchy tagline. When Microsoft launched NAV 2013 it was "In and On" (meaning "In" Office 365 and "On" Windows Azure), which summarized NAV 2013's integration with Microsoft's cloud-based solutions. Also at the introduction of NAV 2015 Microsoft Dynamics has formulated a catchphrase.

This time it's "More mobile, more cloud".

'More mobile' means, that NAV 2015 in a larger degree is designed for mobile devices and has an improved web client.

'More cloud' refers to an even closer integration with the cloud solution Microsoft Office 365.

NAV mobile app

Users of NAV 2015 no longer need to use a PC or laptop to access the company's ERP system. Therefore, you will be able to access Dynamics NAV / Navision, while on the move.

The new Dynamics NAV 2015 app is designed with a modern user interface and developed for touching, so you can operate it with one finger. Therefor you no longer have to use the browser version of Dynamics NAV on your mobile. It allows you to access the data you need from the mobile device you prefer. The user-friendly touch-optimized interface allows the same view and user experience as the role-based client. Therefore you can work in NAV 2015 no matter where you are.

With the NAV 2015 app Microsoft offers an improved experience for their tablet and mobile users. The app has an improved view of stacks and diagrams and allows you to dig deeper into the data in Navision.

The NAV 2015 app can be used on the following platforms:

  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows 8.x

You can download and install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV app from the Windows Store, App Store or Google Play.

Office integration

With NAV 2015 the integration between Microsoft Office and Dynamics NAV / Navision is now closer. For example, the integration means that Microsoft Word can now be used as a reporting tool.

There is also the possibility to integrate NAV 2015 with Office 365 on Azure. This may provide lower costs, greater flexibility and increase employee productivity.

Role Centers

Furthermore, the development resources is also optimized which allows a simpler adaptation of existing Role Centers for viewing through the app interface.

Power BI

Power BI that integrates Office 365 with Business Intelligence (BI) technology is included in Dynamics NAV 2015.

Power BI is a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Through tight integration with Office 365 the solution provides users access to data from Excel. This helps users to share knowledge, find answers and stay connected to their data from their favorite mobile devices.

Power Query

Enables data connections to government and corporate data sources.

Power Pivot

Extends data in Excel by adding relations, adjusted measures, hierarchies and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It also uses an in-memory technology with the generated models for, which enables end users to analyze millions of rows of data rapidly.

Power View

By setting up reports and through insight into interactive charts and graphs, end-users are able to visually explore the data in Excel Power Pivot model.

Power Map

Allows end users to integrate with geospatial data to create a 3D map experience in Excel.

NAV 2015 includes:

  • Improved integration with Office 365
  • Tablet apps from App Store, Google Play and Windows Store
  • Integration with Microsoft Social Listening
  • Document reporting using Microsoft Word templates
  • Improved upgrade tools



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