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Dynamics NAV - Pension and insurance

An important element in the insurance and pension industry is that there is no physical product. Therefore, in relation to subcontractors and / or distributors there is no inventory of stock or logistical factors to be taken into account of.

Transparent administration

Pension and insurance companies typically has a lot of resellers and partners and between these entities, there is typically a lot of heavy data exchange. To manage all this data you need an ERP system.

With an ERP solution as Dynamics NAV it becomes easier and more uncomplicated to manage the pension or insurance contracts concluded by individuals who have collected a portion of their savings in a pension fund or have chosen to use a portion of their income to insure themselves.

User friendly ERP system

Dynamics NAV supports the operational requirements of companies in the insurance and pension sector, it is a user-friendly ERP system and the solution enables a fast way to fill the daily routines, minimizing the inevitable paperwork and provide a platform that allows effective management of all business data and information in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations in the insurance and pension market with a focus on automation of financial processes, opens up a number of features that benefit and streamlines your company and business.

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