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Business Central Business Intelligence

With the right analysis tools, the data you collect can be transformed into important insights and information. Standard, Business Central delivers features that let you dive into the valuable data, but not only that, if you need additional BI functionality, Business Central has built-in integration for Power BI.

Valuable insight and information

Through the daily activities, companies today collect huge amounts of data. This data, which, for example, reflects  ongoing operating expenses, customer demand patterns, sales figures, employee wages and budget figures, is extremely valuable. With the right business applications, the data can be transformed into valuable insights and information that are of great importance when making strategic business decisions for the company. Standard, Business Central provides numerous features that you can use to collect, analyze and share your company's collected data.

Dimensions in Business Central

The dimension functionality is an important part of the Business Intelligence in Business Central. A dimension is, in short, data that you can add to a record as a kind of marker that gives the user an additional filtering option, which makes it easier, for example, to perform analysis on sales order documents. This data can be used to group your records that have similar characteristics, such as products, customers and sellers, and easily and quickly filter and retrieve the groups for analysis. Dimensions can also be used to define analytics views and create account plans for reporting.

Power BI integration

Microsoft's Power BI has quickly become one of the absolute leading Business Intelligence applications on the market. And for good reason. Never has Business Intelligence been easier - or cheaper.

The modern platform was developed for the purpose of bringing together a variety of Microsoft tools, services and apps so that companies from one application would be able to gain insight into data and thus be better able to understand and explore their business information. For example, in Power BI, it is possible to visualize insights and compile information from multiple data sources into one single central dashboard.

However, one of the main benefits of Power BI is that it can seamlessly and easily integrate with the company's most important data source, Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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