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Business Central Basic licens

Basic is the Business Central "light" license and is especially suitable for start-ups or smaller companies with limited needs. Unfortunately, the license is exclusively available to companies in Denmark and Iceland.

From C5 to Business Central Cloud Basic

With Business Central Basic, you get functionality for the most basic business areas, including finance, sales, purchasing, inventory management, invoicing and project management. The solution does not include order confirmation and delivery note.

The Business Central Basic license is particularly attractive to small and start-up companies that would previously opt for the now-phased-out Microsoft Dynamics C5.

Business Central Basic costs 249,- DKK pr. user per month.

The basic license is limited to three users and is only available to companies in Denmark and Iceland.

Why choose Business Central Basic?

The advantage of choosing the Basic license over a cheaper or completely free accounting solution is that if your company expands and needs functionality that is typically not included in free accounting programs, you avoid the cumbersome and not least expensive migration to a more advanced solution such as Business Central. In other words, it is much easier, and not least cheaper, to upgrade to, for example, a Business Central Essentials license from a Basic license, than to migrate from a completely different system.

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