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Power BI 2021 Release Wave 1

With the Microsoft Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1 upgrade wave, new features and capabilities for the applications that make up the Power Platform, including Power BI, will from April 2021 to September 2021 continuously be released.

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Gain insight into the business with Power BI

Microsoft Business Intelligence makes it easy for businesses to gain insight into transaction and observation data.

Power BI, a business intelligence solution from Microsoft, makes it easy for any business to transform data into intelligent, easy-to-understand visualizations that can provide insight, where strategic decisions are made.

This insight also helps to form the basis for creating a data culture in the workplace, where all employees across departments make decisions and determine strategies based on facts and knowledge rather than intuition and personal attitudes.

Power BI Embedded is an integrated analytics tool that aims to make it easy for independent software vendors and developers to integrate world-class analytics into their apps, without building them themselves so they can spend less time on their development work. Power BI Embedded helps clients increase their ROI (Return On Investment), scale quickly and achieve up to 16 times faster performance.

Power BI Premium continues to provide functionality that helps companies accelerate the delivery of important insights on a large scale and thus meets the needs of even the most demanding companies. Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1 also adds flexible licensing models that companies can choose from per user and per capacity licensing option.

Power BI Pro delivers groundbreaking AI technology that gives the users of the solution important insights and knowledge. Creating Power BI content is easier than ever through the new fast creation experiences.

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Introducing Microsoft Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1

With the upgrade wave Microsoft Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1, between April 2021 and September 2021, ongoing upgrades to the business applications that make up the Power Platform will be released. Through analysis, actions and automation, power platform enables companies to let their data form the basis of a digital transformation of their business.

Power Platform currently consists of four applications:

  • Power BI
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents

In addition, there are two add-ons:

  • AI Builder
  • Power Apps-portaler

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New and planned features for Power BI

With 2021 Release Wave 1 for Power BI, Microsoft continues to specifically invest in three key areas of Power BI. These three areas are aimed to contribute to creating and driving a data-driven culture in the companies.

  • Extraordinary data experiences for users
  • Modern and leading business BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Integrations where the company's teams work

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Power BI Embedded

With Power Bi, you can embed excellent, fully interactive reports and visual elements into your applications.

  • Power BI Embedded Gen2     
  • Export Power BI report to PDF/PPTX/PNG - API     
  • Add filter options to the Export to file API 
  • Add visual export option to the Export to file API
  • New Power BI Embedded developers playground

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Power BI Premium

Enables companies to combine self-service and corporate BI on a large scale.

  • Workspace level refresh for datasets and dataflows
  • Automatic aggregations
  • Deployment pipelines - dataflows support
  • Performance Accelerator for Azure Synapse Analytics  
  • Azure Data Lake Storage workspace level attach (general availability)
  • Power Bl Report Server May release
  • Advanced network isolation (general availability)
  • Premium Gen 2
  • Deploytment pipelines - assign a workspace to all pipeline stages
  • Power Bl Report Server September release
  • ODBC connectivity support for paginated reports
  • Azure Monitor integration - Analysis Services engine
  • Azure Monitor integration - client usage and performance logs
  • Paginated report visual for Power Bl reports

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Power BI Pro

Build a data culture that is based on an insight that everyone in the company can find and that provides a breeding ground for collaboration across departments.

  • Data lineage, impact, and API enhancements
  • Sharing links for Power Bl reports
  • Power Bl custom visual monitoring for administrators
  • View dataflow entities as a non-owner
  • Background validation for dataflows
  • Smart narratives (general availability)
  • Anomaly detection (general availability)
  • Quick create

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