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Logistics management is an extremely important area for all companies dealing in physical goods. Less stock bonding, more picks, fewer picking errors, better customer service, fewer misorders and greater product range replacement are just some of the demands many companies face, and often all at once. With Business Central, you get a flexible and scalable business management solution that delivers all the functionality you need to manage your business logistics. Gain control and better management of your product and material flows and achieve smooth logistics through efficient order processing and inventory management.

What is logistics management?

In companies, logistics is a general term for internal processes as well as for the entire supply chain, from the original supplier to the final customer. The processes of logistics management include areas such as strategic management and controlling of purchasing, transport and storage of goods, as well as the processes associated with it.

By achieving efficient administration of the company's logistics and associated processes, and thus managing procurement and inventory in conjunction with order processing, you also gain full control over expenses and profits, and will be able to deliver the right product to the right customer and at the agreed time. That way, with efficient logistics management, you can maximize your company's future profits through cost-effective delivery of incoming orders.

Does your logistics meet the global competition?

The ever-increasing global competition, new and changing business models, and greater customer expectations of businesses mean that today the demands of product-oriented companies are high, that logistics management is maximally optimized and cost-effective and that inventory management is adaptable and flexible.

Therefore all companies should ask themselves whether the management of their logistics processes is as well-run and efficient as it can be and whether the current logistics management is good enough to meet customer requirements and expectations?

With a simple, flexible and integrated business solution for SCM and logistics, you will be able to optimize your processes to meet your logistical challenges and gain competitive advantages and savings.

Handle and administer the company's logistics in Business Central

Advanced logistics management, also called supply chain management / SCM, is a critical business area for all companies dealing in physical goods.

Business Central provides advanced functionality for handling and managing areas such as purchasing, SCM and inventory management, enabling you to streamline the logistical processes that exist between your company, your suppliers and your customers, regardless of the size of the product range or the volume of orders.

The solution provides the necessary tools to efficiently manage your logistics and manage your company's product and material flow. The solution provides insight into and overview of your supply, production and distribution structure and thus management of and control of the processes.

Warehouse logistics in Business Central

Both when the goods are received and before the goods are shipped, a large number of storage processes take place. This is to ensure that the flow through the warehouse is smooth and efficient. Functionality in Business Central also ensure that the company's inventories are organized and up to date.

Some of the warehousing activities that you can manage in Business Central include putting items in your warehouse, moving your items to or between warehouses, and picking items for assembly, production or shipping.

For companies with larger warehouses, varying product management tasks in Business Central can be broken down into departments and the integration managed by a controlled work procedure. If, on the other hand, you have a smaller and simpler installation, the workflows are not so much bound by established guidelines and your storage activities are carried out in Business Central via so-called lay-stock and stock picking.

Before it is possible to carry out warehouse activities in Business Central, you must configure the system to fit the relevant inventory processing complexity.

The tasks related to your inventory, such as counting, regulating and reposting items, may include warehouse tasks that you are required to perform on inventory items before they can be synchronized with associated item items.

The right consultants

The experienced and highly competent business consultants at Active Business Solutions draw on many years of experience in customizing and developing solutions in warehouse and logistics management in close cooperation with customers and business partners.

So take advantage of our expertise and long experience and make the administration of your global logistics competitive and part of the company's business strategy.

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