Business Central Operations

Operations management in Business Central provides functionality for planning, organizing and monitoring the company's internal processes and creates a basis for streamlining the company's operations and thus creating higher profitability.

What is operations management?

Operation is part of every business, which means that every business has a way of striving to create the optimal output from one or more input sources, whether it is a manufacturing company that produces physical products or a service company that provides services .

The purpose of operations management is to help the company achieve the best possible business results, in the short term as well as in the long term. The concept of operations management covers the handling and management of all the company's processes, it can be raw materials that come into the company, inventory management, logistics, labor, delivery of goods or services etc. The purpose and the very essence of operations management is to achieve the optimal resource utilization as well as the highest possible degree of efficiency of the company's internal processes.

Operations management with the right solution

In order for the company to be able to optimally deliver the product or services that form the basis of its business, efficient operations are necessary to ensure consistency in the many processes that make up the day-to-day operations. Generally, however, creating an overview of these processes can be confusing, especially if you do not use the right IT system.

The right business management solution (ERP system) forms the basis for the often comprehensive and complex processes that constitute the day-to-day operations and maintenance, which an outdated or sub-dimensioned solution will often not be able to handle.

Manage your business operations with Business Central

When Microsoft launched the first version of Business Central in 2018, the goal was to improve the ability of companies to manage internal day-to-day business areas such as finance, inventory management, SCM, projects and, not least, operations, in one integrated platform. In addition, Business Central allows growing companies to take advantage of the many opportunities and the flexibility a solution in the cloud provides, while at the same time the solution is build on the well-known stability that was and is characteristic of Dynamics NAV. In other words, Business Central is created to improve your company's business performance.

The operations section of Business Central is customizable, intelligent and rich in functionality and provides all the tools the business operations manager needs to get a complete overview of the business and thus gain control over the company. With Business Central, you get an advanced solution for managing the operations of your business and the functionality is at the same time extensive and user-friendly. In short, Business Central enables you to take control and run your business in the best possible way.

Drive your inventory efficiently
It may seem simple at first, but understanding where your product is and where it is heading can be cumbersome. With Business Central, you get a holistic view of your warehouse and thus improved order fulfillment and you also have the opportunity to track each item transaction and movement by configuring bins based on inventory setup and storage unit dimensions.

Achieve the best possible output level
For manufacturing and distribution companies, maintaining a predictable and growing capacity at the same time can be a challenge. Operations management in Business Central allows you to calculate and optimize your overall production capacity and available resources, thus improving production planning and your ability to meet customer requirements.

From forecasts to action
The operations functionality in Business Central gives you the best possible conditions to plan the right strategy and not least to act on it. For example, use your sales forecasts and expected OOS (Out-of-Stock) to automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders.

Real-time information at your fingertips
With the right information in real time and at your fingertips, you are always able to efficiently and safely answer incoming inquiries. With dashboards providing real-time information, integration with other Business Central modules, including project management, fixed assets, service, production, etc., you are always able to provide a qualified response when you need it - whichever device you prefer to use or at which location.

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