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Effective management of your sales activities is a key area of focus if you are to increase your company's sales. The Business Central sales functionality consists of a number of powerful tools that help you build and maintain customer relationships as well as track new potential sales opportunities.

What is Sales Management?

Sales management works to manage and practically apply the company's sales techniques and overall sales activities, i.e. the process of finding the right sales staff, coordinating the company's overall sales activities as well as implementing and initiating sales techniques and strategies. Initiatives that ultimately aim to hit or even exceed established sales objectives.

Sales and sales management in Business Central

No matter what industry your business belongs to and whether you are selling a physical product or a service, it is important to have a sales strategy so that you know where your business is in relation to sales at all times.

Easy-to-read graphs and charts in Business Central give you a complete overview of the company's sales opportunities as well as the opportunity to convert them into actual sales. In addition, the sales functionality of the solution allows you to quickly generate sales offers and send them to your customers. In other words, with Business Central you will never miss a potential sale.

Effective customer service
When it comes to managing the company's sales processes, timing is crucial and it is important that you make the right decisions at the right time. The built-in sales and marketing functionality in Business Central provides the user with a precise and scheduled overview of contact information so that potential customers can be served as well and efficiently as possible, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Create new opportunities for sale
The user-friendly dashboard in Business Central gives you a quick and easy-to-understand overview of potential sales opportunities and the 'sales pipeline' and 'opportunities' sections provide valuable insights into the business sales process. With just a single click, you also have the opportunity to enter new sales opportunities by assigning them to specific customers or contacts.

Correct an already posted sales invoice
In Business Central, it is easy to both correct and cancel an already posted sales invoice before it is paid. It can be of great help if, for example, the customer requests a change early in the ordering process or if you want to correct spelling mistakes. If the posted sales invoice has already been paid, it is necessary to create a sales credit note or a sales return order to reverse the sale.

Email integration
The built-in email integration in Business Central makes it easy and fast to send sales offers to customers and contacts. The 'Send by Email' functionality is located directly in the sales offer screen.

Approval procedures
Incorporate an approval workflow into the sales process, for example if you want larger sales to certain customers to be approved by the company's accounting officer.

Converting opportunities into sales offers
If you have a potential sales opportunity that you are tracking in Business Central, you can easily activate the sales step and turn this opportunity into a sales quote. While monitoring that opportunity, you can easily and with just a few clicks activate the sales step, convert it into a quote and specify item details and quantity.

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