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Granular Business Central administration

With Business Central 23, which is being launched as part of the Dynamics 365 2023 release wave 2 rollout, Microsoft is introducing a new Business Central administrator role that provides access to Business Central without simultaneously providing access to other apps in Dynamics 365 or Power Platform. This means that administrators' access rights are easier to handle, as it is possible to assign roles that exclude access to other Microsoft products.

Granular administration as a Business Central administrator

Until now, the most restricted role for internal and delegated Business Central users has been the Dynamics 365 Administrator Microsoft Entra ID role, which despite being a restricted role still gives the user access to Business Central environments and administration.

In Business Central version 23, which is released with Dynamics 365 2023 release wave 2, Microsoft introduces a completely new and more nuanced Business Central administrator role that gives access to Business Central, but without also giving access to others business apps and services in Dynamics 365 or Power Platform.

The new administrator role in Business Central 23 gives administrators much more precise and detailed control over what the individual internal and delegated users can access and manage within a tenant.

Access to Business Central environments for support scenarios

In addition to introducing the Dynamics 365 Business Central Administrator role in Business Central 23, Microsoft is also providing D365 Business Central partners with a completely new method to restrict access for their delegated users to Business Central environments for support scenarios without them being able to manage environments from the Administration Center.

With the upcoming 2023 release wave 2 upgrade for Business Central, the selected BC users who were previously assigned the 'Helpdesk administrator' role on part of the granular delegated administrator privilege (GDAP) relationship with a customer will no longer have access to the admin center. However, these users still have access to customer environments using the Delegated Helpdesk Agent - Partner License configuration.


What does granular management mean?
Granular management lets your company decide which users or groups of users have access to which app and which actions they have rights to perform. Privileges can be based on a role, attribute, administrator discretion, security levels, or a time period.
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