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Microsoft is increasing prices in 2023

Due to ongoing inflation, Microsoft is adjusting the price of all its cloud products on April 1 this year. For European countries, prices rise by 11 percent. In addition, the prices will henceforth be reassessed twice a year.

The prices for Microsoft's Cloud products will be adjusted

You have probably noticed that a lot has become more expensive recently. During 2022, we have seen some of the biggest price increases for consumer goods and energy since the 80s, and high consumer prices mean high inflation, which now also affects Microsoft customers.

From the first of April 2023, the prices of Microsoft Cloud products will be adjusted in the following currencies:

  • GBP: +9%
  • DKK, EUR and NOK: +11%
  • SEK: +15%

The new price adjustments mean that prices will be consistent and reflect the exchange rate between the local currency and the US dollar (USD).

In the future, Microsoft also reevaluates prices twice a year in local currency, taking into consideration currency fluctuations and in relation to USD. This initiative aims to provide customers with increased transparency and predictability.

Still competitively priced

Despite the price increases, we still believe that the Microsoft Cloud products are priced at a competitive price level. In addition, Microsoft continues to invest in their customers and develop and innovate their solutions, so that you as a customer can eliminate a number of operating costs, optimize your company's performance and efficiency, and create a basis for strong security around your business and your data.

New Microsoft prices Q&A

How much are the prices of Microsoft products increasing?

In DKK, NOK and EUR, the prices of Microsoft's cloud products are increased by 11%. In GBR, the price increases by 9% and in SEK the prices increase by 15%

When do the price increases come into effect?

On April 1, 2023, the price increases will take effect

Why is Microsoft increasing the prices of their products in 2023?

The increased prices of Microsoft cloud products come as a consequence of the rampant inflation we have seen recently.

How often will Microsoft adjust prices going forward?

Starting in 2023, Microsoft will adjust their cloud-product prices twice a year in local currency and taking into consideration currency fluctuations and USD.

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