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Dynamics NAV 2019

Since Microsoft acquired Navision A/S in 2002, the solution has been part of Microsoft Business Solutions and gone under the name Dynamics NAV. Everything now indicates that Dynamics NAV 2018 became the last version under that brandname and that the solution in the future will become part of the cloud application Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, Business Central will be available on-premise, which therefore means we should not expect a Dynamics NAV 2019, but in return Business Central will also be available on-premise.

Instead of 'Dynamics NAV 2019', the next version of Navison will be called Business Central on-premise

Instead of 'Dynamics NAV 2019', the next version of Navison will be called Business Central on-premise

A success story in the ERP world

With over 160,000 customers, more than 2.7 million users and no less than 3500 certified partners worldwide, Microsoft's ERP solution Dynamics NAV, which is primarily targeted at small and medium sized enterprises, today is the most widely used ERP system and is sold across 195 countries, which means that it is used in virtually all countries in the world. In other words, Dynamics NAV, former Navision, must be described as something of a success story in the ERP world. But it does not stop here, Microsoft will continue to develop and expand Dynamics NAV, for example by migrating NAV with the recently launched cloud service Dynamics 365 Business Central thus making it even wider available.

Dynamics NAV 2019 / Business Central on-premise

Microsoft will continue to release updates and new functionality to the latest version of Dynamics NAV, NAV 2018, but according to the newest released roadmap for Dynamics NAV, NAV 2018 will be the last version under the brand name 'Dynamics NAV'. Dynamics 365 Business Central, which currently is a pure cloud application, will when it is combined with Dynamics NAV also be able to run on it's own server (on-premise). In other words, with NAV 2018, we have probably seen the last version of Dynamics NAV and Dynamics NAV 2019 will instead go under the name Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise.

Roadmap for Business Central and NAV 2019

According to Microsoft's Roadmap for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, there will not be a NAV 2019. Instead, Business Central will also be available on-premise.

'Cloud first', but not 'cloud only'

Microsoft's ambitions are in the cloud and Dynamics 365 Business Central is also a 'cloud first' application, designed with the ongoing digital transformation to the cloud in mind, but it is so not a 'cloud only' application, as it will also be available on-premise. And since Business Central and Dynamics NAV largely share the same code, it should be relatively painless to migrate from NAV to Business Central, especially if you have already upgraded to NAV 2018.

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