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What about Business Edition?

The launch of Business Central has already taken months, but what will the release of the new solution be of importance to Dynamics 365 Business Edition?

How will the launch of Business Central affect Dynamics 365 Business Edition?

At this point, you may well conclude that Dynamics 365 Business Edition was just a temporary solution that would serve as a placeholder until Microsoft could deliver the fully functional business application we now know as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Beneficial upgrade

Customers using Business Edition will until 2019 have the opportunity to move (upgrade) their ERP application to Business Central. Largely, this transition should prove to be an advantageous upgrade where Business Edition customers finally get the functionality they were originally promised by Microsoft.

Business Central is a bit more expensive than Business Edition, but in turn, the users with Business Central get a better and more effective ERP solution. You can read much more about prices and license for Dynamics 365 Business Central here.

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