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Business Central –October 2018 release

In October comes the awaited update to Business Central. On this page, we will try to provide a basic overview of what we can expect from the new version of Microsoft's new ERP cloud application.

Business Central October Release - New Features

With the October 2018 release, Microsoft improves their business application

Dynamics NAV becomes a part of Business Central

As can be seen in Microsoft's roadmap for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV, the next version of Dynamics NAV, which should have been NAV 2019, will be part of Business Central, more specifically the on-premise version of Business Central.

Business Central / Dynamics NAV roadmap

Business Central roadmap

With Microsoft's upcoming October 2018 release Dynamics NAV will be a part of and becomes Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises


Dynamics NAV and Business Central already share the same code base, Business Central is basically based on Dynamics NAV, so really it's just a name change.

In short, Microsoft put an end to the brand name Dynamics NAV which instead will be a part of Business Central. This also means that there will not be a new version of Dynamics NAV as we are used to, this year it would have been 'NAV 2019', but instead we will get another version of Business Central that can be hosted locally, Business Central On-premise.

In the cloud and on-premise

Until now, Business Central has been an on-cloud ERP application only, but from October, Dynamics NAV will be included as an on-premise part of Business Central. Therefore, Business Central will no longer solely be a cloud application but will also be available as on-premise and hybrid implementations. In addition, you will be able to use your existing solution, such as Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, and connect it to the cloud via Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central hybrid implementation

At present, Business Central is a cloud-first and cloud-only application, but from October, customers who need it, can run their solution completely locally or partially locally connected to the cloud. This allows you to connect to the cloud through Business Central and implement locally on hardware of your own choice. So even if you as a customer run your application on your own server, you still have an account in the cloud and your data will be replicated in the cloud. Whether you are ready to surpass fully to the cloud, will appear in a 'cloud ready' status.

Enhanced userinterface

With a brand new layout of the interface, Business Central is both easier to use and manage. The improved user interface, among other things, focus on an optimized data layout which utilizes more screen space, improved display and readability of data and provides an overall easier navigation across the entire application. Also the detailed pages get a new look, which completes the visual update of the application as a whole.

Better user experience, higher productivity

Microsoft has added important and anticipated improvements to the application. These improvements aim to optimize the workflow processes in Business Central and consist of new productivity features such as advanced filtering of lists and totals as well as improved copy/paste functionality. This functionality is particularly important for regular users of the system. The addition of a number of new keyboard shortcuts will also streamline user workflow and business tasks.

Enhanced Power BI integration

Improvements to the current integration between Power BI and Business Central include automatic implementation of Power BI reports, selection of default reports and ability to handle Power BI reports without having to leave Business Central.

Users can also customize the integrated Power BI reports as part of their Business Central home screen.

Power BI reports are inserted and selected automatically when the user logs into the application for the first time. Once the Power BI reports are visible in Business Central, they can be edited from a new page where the controls elements you need to change the reports are transferred from Power BI.

Enhanced customization through Extensions

In Business Central, you customize the application, not in the basic code itself, but outside the application via Extensions. With the 'October 2018' release, Microsoft adds productivity enhancements that optimize user experience for developers who make customizations for the application as well as improvements to other types of expansion scenarios. Therefore, developers will work more productively with the upcoming update and will have more opportunities to fulfill the customers, and thus the end users, individual customization requirements using Extensions.

Access from anywhere

Whether you're sitting at your desk or you're on the go, and regardless of which device or platform you prefer (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone), as a user of Business Central, you can always stay productive.  A modern and flexible business solution like Business Central, built on a strong ERP application like Dynamics NAV, does not only makes NAV's strong and well proven functionalities available in the cloud as an ERP SaaS solution, but also provides the modern enterprise with a powerful tool that makes it better able to compete in the modern and ever changing digital-connected world.

Business Central applcation / client

Stay productive, even when you're on the go. The Business Central app offers flexibility and efficiency


With the October 2018 release of Business Central, the application will comply with Microsoft's accessibility standards, thus ensuring that all employees have access to business data and the tools needed to perform their business tasks.

With the universal app for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can connect to the cloud, your local installation or the Business Central hybrid deployment.

The application is available to:

  • Windows 10 (desktop, tablet and phone)
  • Android (tablet and phone)
  • iOS (tablet and phone)
  • The full desktop client is supported only on computers running on Windows 10


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