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Upgrade to NAV 2018

The launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central is likely to be of strategic importance to Microsoft as the solution gives small and medium-sized companies a fully functional ERP solution in the cloud that is integrated with other Microsoft business applications, thus giving users a consistent look across their work area.

Why upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018?

With NAV 2018, you get the latest code and thus the latest ERP functionality, which means many new advanced features that are not available in earlier versions of Navision.

It is probably only few that are unaware that Microsoft in further extent has prioritized their cloud strategy, not least because of the launch of their latest cloud ERP application, Dynamics 365 Business Central. But in spite of Microsoft's cloud priority, NAV 2018 remains true to the traditional Dynamics NAV functionality. Microsoft has also promised that NAV 2018 will continue to be supported until 2023.

Additionally, upgrading to NAV 2018 ensures trouble-free migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central, whether you choose a local/hosted version or a clean cloud version. So, despite of all the indications that cloud-based solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes the future of Dynamics NAV, there is no indication that Microsoft will completely stay away from on-premise solutions.

Upgrade to NAV 2018 or wait for Business Central?

The launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central came shortly after the release of Dynamics NAV 2018 and with further updates scheduled for later this year, and according to the recently announced roadmap for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV turns into Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise during the fall. However, the consequence of this migration is that existing Dynamics NAV software solutions must be rewritten as Dynamics NAV Extensions if they are to work with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Therefore, it's obvious to ask if you should upgrade to NAV 2018 or instead wait for future migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central and, in the meantime, recode modifications or add-on solutions to Extencions?

Achieve benefits by upgrading to NAV 2018

With Dynamics NAV 2018, you get the latest NAV functionality and a solution that, in addition to providing the latest ERP functionality, is also closely integrated with other Microsoft business applications.

Below are just some of the advanced features and benefits gained by upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2018.

  • Improved and expanded integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft applications
    Together, it creates a comprehensive set of business applications that have the well-known Office interface in common.
  • Automated workflows and artificial intelligence
    In NAV 2018, there is built-in artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms that support the cognitive services as well as the high level of automation.
  • Better customization via Extensions
    The ability to customize the solution through Extensions has been improved in NAV 2018. Therefore, it is easier to customize the application, since all adjustments, rather than being modifications in the actual application, is Dynamics NAV Extensions.
  • Microsoft Flow interaction
    The interaction with Microsoft Flow enables users to create and automate workflows across applications and services, which improves both productivity and efficiency.
  • Customize your work area
    In NAV 2018, users can customize their workspace to match the individual's job function and personal preferences. The ability to adapt improves both productivity and user experience.
  • Data sharing with your CRM system
    Share data seamlessly between NAV 2018 and your CRM system and be sure that there is consistency in your customer information across both systems.
  • Preview reports
    In NAV 2018, it is possible to create and preview content directly in Dynamics NAV 2018, thus accelerating and streamlining the reporting process.
  • Enhanced Power BI Integration
    The improved integration into Power BI allows you to dive into and work with your company's data

There are many reasons why it's a good idea to upgrade to the latest version of Navision. If you are currently running an older version, you will especially benefit greatly from the many new features added to the latest version of NAV in December 2017.

No additional costs

Another advantage gained by updating to NAV 2018 is that you will subsequently upgrade to new versions at no additional cost. Dynamics NAV will eventually become part of the Dynamics 365 Business Central universe, which is basically Dynamics NAV in new packaging. The same is true if you drive on NAV 2016 or NAV 2017. It is only necessary to upgrade once, after which you do not have to run on an outdated version of Dynamics NAV and to restart each time you upgrade to a new version.




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