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Predictions for Dynamics in 2018

2017 was the year in which Microsoft upgraded the cloud strategy for their business applications and this development will undoubtedly continue in 2018. In addition, it becomes interesting to follow the development of AI technology and its impact on the business applications.

Artificial Intelligence / AI

Many await AI and analysis services that are both useful and relatively easy to implement and thus meet the companys business requirements. Microsoft's preliminary initiatives, such as Azure Machine Learning and cognitive services, have been interesting, but have had limitations in terms of flexibility. However, we must presume that the services will become more efficient and adaptable in the future.

It is probably limited how much influence AI will have on the ERP systems already this year, but the technology's influence will undoubtedly grow and the AI tools will undoubtedly prove their worth in terms of more intelligent reporting and smarter applications.


Microsoft's future strategy for their online services is largely based on their cloud service Azure. The ambition for Azure is to make IT infrastructure such as data storage, backup and recovery streamlined and, not least, more profitable.

Many Microsoft ERP customers have already invested in their own IT hardware. If they haven't already, these companies will be must certain be faced with the possibility of moving their business applications into the cloud in 2018, most likely on Azure. And there are many advantages of choosing a cloud solution, flexibility, lower operating costs and effective backup options are only a few them.

In Active Business Solutions we already offer a Dynamics NAV subscription solution on Azure. We manage the system and you only have to pay a monthly payment per. user and focus on what's most importent, your business.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is continuously developed and adapted to areas other than the crypto currency. 2018 will probably be a learning year in terms of taking advantage of the great opportunities blockchain technology can add to the ERP systems and the potential there is in blockchain services and applications.


AppSource is likely to be more visible in 2018. Microsoft's ambition with AppSource continues to be to use the service for applications and services for Dynamics 365, thus giving us a clue that for Microsoft, future business solutions are both streamlined and cloud-based. During 2018 we will probably also see new functionality opportunities for the platform.

NAV 2018

Microsoft released, as most people know, the latest version of Navision, NAV 2018, at the end of 2017. The new version has an improved user interface, better integration to Power BI and integrated AI technology.

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