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NAV 2018 – Cognitive services

The next version in Microsoft's ERP system, Dynamics NAV, has the code name 'Tenerife' and is build on Azure based cognitive services.

What are Cognitive Services?

Cognitive computing is the common term that describes technology platforms based on artificial intelligence. These platforms include machine learning, language processing, speech and visual recognition, interaction and many other technologies.

Microsoft Cognitive Services consist of software interfaces that allow a piece of software to interact with other software, software development tools, and services Microsoft makes available to software developers that make their applications more intelligent, engaging and visible.

The goal of Microsoft is to create more personal data processing and improved productivity solely with the help of intelligent systems that are constantly getting better and better to see, speak, hear, understand, and even start to reason, which means even to think or consider, and therefrom draw logical inferences.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence becomes a major part of future IT systems and thus also ERP systems, which include Dynamics NAV.

Automatic analysis and catagorization in NAV 2018

That Dynamics NAV 'Tenerife' (NAV 2018) will build on Azure based cognitive services means that the solution will be able to identify images and place them in the right context and with the related entities.

For example, an image of a given item will automatically be analyzed to determine which category is best suited to the item. The service can also be used to analyze a photo of a person, such as one of your employees, and evaluate and catagorize the person by sex and age.

New integration opportunities

Besides an increased focus on cognitive services in NAV 2018, there will be also added completely new integration options in the latest version of Navision. For example, the Office 365 booking app can be integrated into NAV 2018, resulting in more streamlined billing process and furthermore supports PayPal as a payment service.

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