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Dynamics NAV til Dynamics 365 migration

It is currently possible to migrate from Dynamics 365 to Dynamics NAV, but such a transitionis is not necessarily either hassle or cost free. Instead of switching to a new solution, it might be better to move your current Dynamics NAV solution into the cloud.

Are all the well-known functionalities in Dynamics NAV available in Dynamics 365?

As it seems at present, the available functionality in Dynamics 365 is just a limited part of the functionality of a standard Dynamics NAV solution.

Is it possible to migrate from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365?

According to Microsoft, it is possible to migrate from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 via a migration path in the latest version of Dynamics NAV, called NAV 2017. In addition, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 share the same code base, which of course supports such migration from one erp system to another.

Whether a migration becomes smooth-free depends on several things, but not least how much your current Dynamics NAV solution is improved and customized and/or if third-party applications are connected to the solution.

Microsoft has outlined plans for license transition, but if you are considering moving from Navision to Dynamics 365, you should of course contact your Microsoft partner.

What is worth considering if you want to emigrate to 365?

  • By choosing a SaaS model, a system hosted in the cloud, rather than the more traditional IT infrastructure model where your ERP system is hosted locally, you will have to pay a monthly fee when you rather own, instead renting your ERP system. You should in this context consider whether the cost structure right for your business
  • The degree of how much your business uses and rely on third party applications and the speed at which these solutions are released may affect your deadlines
  • It goes without saying, that access to a secure and reliable internet connection for all your users is crucial if you choose to move your business systems into the cloud
  • Dynamics 365 also comes with new development tools. If your current Dynamics NAV solution is highly customized and tailored to your specific business needs, the eksta costs of a migration should be part of your considerations

Dynamics NAV in the cloud

It is not necessary to move your NAV solution for Dynamics 365 if the motivation for doing so is that your ERP solution must be placed in the cloud. Dynamics NAV is already available as a cloud solution and can be purchased on a subscription basis. Active Business Solutions offers such a subscription solution, where you rent Navision and pay a monthly allowance for your license.

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