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What is Dynamics Tenerife?

Microsoft has announced that Dynamics 365 Business Edition will be put on the shelf, which means that we must say goodbye to Dynamics 365 Business Edition even before we really got to know the solution.

Not NAV 2018

Tenerife was, as most people probably assumed, not afterall the code name for the upcoming version of Dynamics NAV, NAV 2018, which will be released December this year, but rather the working title of the upcoming version of Dynamics 365.

A simpler business structure

Microsoft will simplify the structure of Dynamics 365's product family with business-specific and up-to-date business applications there is relevant in relation to specific workflows. This new business strategy is in contrast to the giant package applications we know today.

Microsoft's vision is that Dynamics 365 will no longer be divided into versions, but instead, customers will be able to put together the functionality of their ERP solution by choosing exactly the apps they need. The end of the current strategy makes it possible for companies regardless of size to choose the applications, and thus the functionality, they need without having to be tied up on a rigid business plan.

So, Dynamics 365 Business Edition is discarded in favor of a new Dynamics 365 solution, which we currently only know by the code name 'Tenerife'.

Dynamics Tenerife

Microsoft has a tradition of naming the code name of the latest version of their Dynamics ERP system after an island. This is also the case for the upcoming version of Dynamics 365, which has therefore received the work title 'Dynamics Tenerife'.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and one of the largest Spanish islands. The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 300 kilometers from the coast of Africa, is with its annual daytime temperatures between 20° and 25° probably best known by most as a holiday destination, but is now also the name of the working title for Microsoft's next version of Dynamics 365.

Dynamics Tenerife is supposed to contain everything you need in a business solution, thus becoming Microsoft's new 'end-to-end ERP solution'. What's new about Tenerife in relation to Dynamics 365 is that Tenerife becomes an extension of Dynamics 365 Business Edition, but combined with the full functionality of Dynamics NAV.

Two versions of Tenerife will be available; a standard version in the cloud and a version that Microsoft's businesspartners can use as a part of their customized cloud solutions.

When will Dynamics Tenerife be released?

The new price model for Dynamics 365 is being implemented during spring 2018, Tenerife is likely to be released at the same time.

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