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5 benefits of Dynamics NAV in the cloud

Dynamics NAV is available 'in the cloud', which means that the solution is hosted online and you buy the solution on a subscription basis. There are several advantages to choosing a subscription solution, see five of these benefits below.

1. Less need for internal IT resources

By outsourcing your ERP software, the need for internal IT resources becomes less. Rather than having to support and maintain outdated systems, your IT staff can focus on optimizing the daily technical routines and making strategic decisions.

2. Availability

An ERP system in the cloud allows users to access Dynamics NAV anytime and anywhere. This requires of course that you access to the Internet, but if you have that, you can take advantage of the improved mobility and accessibility that can lead to increased productivity and insight.

3. Reduced startup costs

All companies obviously want the best ERP system with maximum functionality, but often large upfront investments is a barrier which prevent especially small and medium enterprises to invest in the right ERP system. By choosing an ERP system which is hosted online you only pay a fixed fee per. user per. month. That way you get enterprise software but avoid a large upfront investment. This saving can then be reallocated to business activities and instead used to finance initiatives that contribute to business growth.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility of a Dynamics NAV solution in the cloud also means that you can save money. The subscription is charged monthly and since you only pay per. user it's easy to adjust the number of users every month. This makes it possible to upregulate if there is a need for more users or downgrade if there is a need for fewer users and thus avoid the costs of unnecessary licenses.

5. Peace of mind

For many companies, maintenance and management of the internal IT infrastructure is both complex and time consuming. With a hosted ERP solution your hosting provider handles these tasks and leave you with less administrative tasks. In other words, you can with peace of mind focus on running your business.

Dynamics NAV by subscription

Active Business Solutions has launched Dynamics NAV as a package deal. This means that you buy a subscription and only pays the monthly payment per. user, making it easier and cheaper to use Dynamics NAV.

So move your ERP solution in the cloud and let us operate the system. Read more about our Dynamics NAV subscription solution here.


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