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Office 365 and Dynamics NAV

With the interconnection of Dynamics NAV and Office 365 and the familiar user interfaces that cut across all devices, you and your employees get a well-known and intuitive working environment in the cloud, which is both flexible and safe.

Make the most of the cloud

With both Dynamics NAV and Office 365 in the cloud, you get the most out of both solutions. The combination the two services together create helps you manage your business with fewer costs and resources, leaving you with more time to run your business.

Since Office 365 and Dynamics NAV are both cloud services, the applications and information you need are available at any location or time, assuming, of course, you have internet access. In other words, you always have your business with you wherever you go and always have access to Dynamics NAV, the Calendar, your Email, Business Intelligence etc. all integrated into one complete solution.

NAV 2017 and Office 365

The result of Microsoft's continued commitment and development of the ERP system Dynamics NAV is the latest version called NAV 2017. The already reliable and flexible business solution has also been improved with this version and has become even faster to implement and easier to use, and can therefore support your business ambitions even more.

Dynamics NAV 2017 is developed with integration and simplicity in mind, but Microsoft has also improved the latest version of Navision right into the core solution, given it new functionalities and then NAV 2017 has an even deeper integration to Office 365.

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