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Madeira or Dynamics NAV (Navision)?

Project Madeira has integrated functionality such as Power BI and Office 365, are suitable for handling analysis, has a user-friendly dashboard, etc., But is the solution better than Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Navision or Microsoft Project Madeira -Which solution is best?

After the launch of the new ERP system, there may be some who think that Madeira will eventually replace Dynamics NAV. However, this is hardly a possibilit or the intention of Microsoft for that matter.

Microsoft Project Madeira and Dynamics NAV 2016 is in many ways similar, but Madeira is primarily aimed at small businesses and is limited when it comes to company-specific customization, advanced functionalities and so on. Madeira is licensed and rented on a subscription basis, while Dynamics NAV is acquired both as an online Cloud solution or a local solution.

Which ERP system should I choose?

The two solutions have overlapping functionalities and looks like each other, but Project Madeira is an ERP system developed primarily for the purpose of startups or small businesses. Dynamics NAV on the other hand, is better suited for larger companies with specialized needs that require integration of external add-on solutions or advanced customization.

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