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SaaS – Software as a Service

SaaS solutions are hosted in the cloud which means everything takes place and will be delivered online. Therefore, you as a buyer of SaaS solutions basically don't have to worry about installation, backups or updates.

Ongoing payments and updates

Saas is a fast growing concept. With SaaS (Software as a Service) you pay continuously for the software service you use, your software solutions are frequently updated and there is always easy access to programs when and where you need them. When you buy a SaaS product you therefore also get an online solution which means that you do not have an actual installation on your computer and that you no longer need to think about backups and updates.

Due to a number of obvious advantages concerning flexibility, scalability and payment model, there are currently many companies that either tests or implements Software as a Service solutions.

Demanding integration

SaaS solutions are often sold out from the premise that they are extremely fast and simple to implement. Therefore, it can be difficult for companies to understand that SaaS solutions can be costly to integrate.

The thing to remember is that when moving into the SaaS market is that cloud solutions still requires both architecture and integration. Indeed, one can argue that with SaaS solutions is an even greater need to design integrations.

The market for SaaS solutions continues to grow and it is far from certain that the specific solution you choose is the optimal solution in just a few years.


Disadvantages of SaaS

If you want highly specialized and customized software solutions, SaaS may not be the optimal solution. SaaS solutions tend often to be assembly line solutions. The suppliers often have greatest benefit by economies of scale and therefore develops products which, in principle, are suitable for all companies, which in turn deprives the individual customer the possibility to configure the applications to their own specific preferences, or for that matter, to negotiate the price of the product.

An obvious disadvantage is of course that most SaaS solutions require Internet access to function optimally. This obviously means that you in most cases are unable to work offline.

One often overlooked problem is that the SaaS suppliers' customer service in most cases, little or, at worst, outright non-existent.


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