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NAV 2017 - Office 365

In the latest version of Dynamics NAV, there are significant improvements to the core application, a wide range of new features and, not least, an even deeper integration with Office 365.

Office 365 integration

Stay connected to Office 365 and increase productivity in all areas of your business by linking your ERP system tight to Office 365. The interaction between the two systems means that you can easily manage business interactions with your customers and suppliers directly in Outlook .

Outlook add-in

From the Outlook app the integration between NAV 2017 and Office 365 allows users to see dashboards for contacts, customers and suppliers that contain diagrams and key figures and information for the records. With the improved compatibility and integration, you can, without leaving the Outlook, easily set up customers, suppliers, quotes and invoices.


Dynamics NAV 2017 includes an add-in so you can invoice your customers based on records in your Outlook calendar. From a calendar appointment, you can open the Dynamics NAV add-in and get an overview of the customer associated with the agreement. Then you are able to create and send an invoice for the service you have provided, that is, directly in your Outlook calendar. You can also work directly with attachments in the associated e-mail. Dynamics NAV makes it easy to update the add-on, the ERP system will notify you when a new version is available in Outlook.

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