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Corona virus / COVID-19

During a pandemic crisis, such as the one we are witnessing now, it is our first priority to ensure the care and well-being of our employees, customers and fellow citizens. Second priority is maintaining and driving customer business, not just for our customers and for us, but for our entire society. That is why we continue our business, but taking into account that the employees and customers who come into the office can do it safely.

Corona / COVID-19, a global pandemic

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the outbreak of the coronavirus called COVID-19 has spread to a degree, so it is now a pandemic, which means a global epidemic.

Both Norway and Denmark have as a consequence of the pandemic chosen to close the borders. This means that airports and ports are closed down and that the borders of the countries are strictly guarded.

We support the Government's actions

So we are in a very serious and unpredictable situation that already requires a lot of us all at this time, but it is important that we stand together and handle the situation together. Our healthcare system and our community as a whole face massive challenges and we should all do what we can to support the effort. That is why in Active Business Solutions, we support the actions taken by the governments.

Our priority is first and foremost to take care of life and health, then it is the duty of all of us, to keep the countries going. We have therefore launched a number of initiatives to support the government's strategy of curbing the spread of Corona virus, without compromising our customers. These initiatives are put in place, taking into account the fact that employees and customers meeting in our office can do so without being exposed to unnecessary infection risk.

Our actions during the Corona crisis

Never more than three employees in the office
The risk of infection increases as many people are close to each other. Therefore, we are never more than a maximum of three people in the office. Remaining employees work from home.

We have chosen to limit physical meetings and prefers that meetings are held via Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype). Strictly necessary meetings can be conducted, but of course only under a number of precautions and precautionary principles. All travel activity requiring flights and trains is canceled.

Who must visit us?
We are very careful about who we let into the company's office buildings. For the sake of both employees and customers, we want to maintain a sterile environment in our offices, and therefore no persons are included, who, since the Corona outbreak, have stayed in risk areas or persons who cannot document an errand or affiliation with Active Business Solutions.

Prevention of infection spread
In order to prevent the spread of infection among employees in the office, we have decided that all employees must keep a distance from each other. This is ensured by a three-meter rule, which means that all employees in the office must not get closer than at least three meters. In addition, each workstation is strictly private and may only be used by the employee who normally uses that workstation.


What is Corona / COVID-19?

Corona virus belongs to a family of viruses that can be both the cause of colds in the mild end, but also to serious infections of the respiratory tract, which at worst can be fatal. COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus.

The new coronavirus has its origins in China and comes from the metropolis Wuhan in Hubei Province. The outbreak started in December 2019, but quickly spread to surrounding countries and then to the rest of the world, including Norway and Denmark.

Since COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus that we have not seen before, there is little that is known about it and since our immune system has never encountered this type of virus before, everyone is susceptible to infection.

It is important to be aware that Coronavirus / COVID-19 can transmit from person to person, and that it transmits through sneezing and coughing or through indirect contact (as through secretion from the hands) like 'normal' influenza.



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