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2020 Release Wave 1 Dynamics 365 Sales

In April, the newest upgrade wave for Dynamics 365 called the 2020 Release Wave 1 was rolled out. As part of the upgrade, a number of improvements to the CRM solution Dynamics 365 Sales was also being launched. These improvements are largely based on user feedback and are primarily aimed at streamlining sales processes.

More than just a sales application

Dynamics 365 Sales have since the sales application was launched, then under the name Dynamics CRM, gained more and more users and the popularity of the sales tool is undoubtedly due to the fact that the wide-ranging sales functionality of the solution creates great value for sales teams in companies across the globe and acts as a perfect CRM supplement to ERP solutions such as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

However, Dynamics 365 Sales is more than just a sales application. It is a complete customer-oriented system, which is centered around the relationship with the individual customer. This means that the tool helps companies around the world understand customer needs, increase customer engagement and loyalty, and thus optimize their overall sales performance.

Here you get an overview of Dynamics 365 Sales release wave 1 in 2020.

Focus on user experience, workflows and a whole new mobile experience

With the April upgrade, 2020 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft has once again listened to the many users of the solution. The purpose is to understand the end-user experience with the solution and find out what works for the users and not least what does not work. As was also the case with the previous upgrade for Dynamics 365 Sales, 2019 Release Wave 2, Microsoft continues to simplify the user experience for each sales person, optimize workflows and develop a whole new and improved mobile experience - all developed to make Dynamics 365 an even better sales tool forthe users.

Improved workflows for telemarketers

With 2020 Release Wave 1, Dynamics 365 Sales continues to evolve to meet end users' changing customer and sales needs. This means that with the April upgrade, the focus in Dynamics 365 Sales expands to include phone sales scenarios, including automatic update of records, sales acceleration and sales pipelines. The goal is to streamline the workflows for business phone sellers and to expand their relationship with customers.

The themes of Dynamics 365 Sales 2020 Release Wave 1

Not least through close collaboration with customers and users of Dynamics 365 Sales and by continuing to listen to their feedback, Microsoft continues to develop the CRM solution and improve the sellers' user experience.

Simpler workflows
By creating easier workflows in the application, your salespeople can stay focused on increasing company sales

Nowadays, it is not enough for the salespeople to simply focus on additional sales, in the modern business they are forced to also build close relationships with the company's customers. In order to achieve this relationship, salespeople must prioritize time for personal engagement and gain an understanding of the individual customer's needs, which will also enable them to close deals faster. With 2020 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales, users' work experience is further simplified and intelligence is introduced to further enhance productivity.

Improved productivity
Make the most of the enhanced productivity tools in Dynamics 365 Sales to improve sales performance.

In larger companies, each sales team uses a number of productivity tools to, for example, prepare proposals, communicate with customers and collaborate internally. Together, these tools and applications are key to meeting the ever-changing expectations and needs of customers. Therefore, it is imperative to create a foundation for smooth and smooth workflows so that your sales people can move between different tasks quickly and seamlessly and effectively spend their time building the important relationships with your customers. Dynamics 365 Sales is designed so that the solution seamlessly integrate with other relevant productivity tools that help your salespeople work flexibly without causing problems. In other words, by using their preferred sales tools, they can communicate, collaborate and analyze without compromising their work routines and thus efficiency.

Accelerate sales
In Dynamics 365, you can prioritize the next best customer and the next best action, thereby speeding up the company's sales.

The purpose of sales acceleration is to convert the sales process through intelligent prioritization. With intelligent prioritization, salespeople can successfully convert leads and close opportunities faster. For your sales reps to reach all of your customers and leads, they have the opportunity to benefit from cross-channel communication directly from Dynamics 365 Sales while maintaining congruent sales processes throughout the sales process.

Transform sales forecasts
Get an accurate insight into your business and thus a precise basis for making strategic decisions.

With the accurate sales forecasts in Dynamics 365 Sales, your salespeople will have the optimal foundation for building a strong sales pipeline that is first and foremost based on trust, while shortening the sales cycle and improving the accuracy of sales forecasts. This means that the sales manager with Dynamics 365 Sales gets an accurate insight into their business and is therefore better able to carry out effective planning. With 2020 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales, a forecasting solution was introduced that offers both flexibility to sellers to meet specific and unique business requirements as well as a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that is ideal for creating intelligent and accurate sales forecasts.

Offer mobility to your salespeople
With an optimized built-in mobile experience for Dynamics 365 Sales, your salespeople will be able to do their job wherever they are.

With 2020 Release Wave 1, the mobile experience in Dynamics 365 Sales is optimized and now focuses further on empowering salespeople with a user-friendly sales tool from which they can update records and access information while on the go. The new mobile experience that comes with the April upgrade is designed from the ground up so that it to an even greater extent meets the salespeople where they work.

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