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Power BI 2020 Release Wave 1

Power BI simplifies the way companies obtain insights from transaction and observational data. The BI solution also helps companies to create a knowledge culture based on the data obtained, where responsible decision makers can make decisions based on knowledge and facts, rather than arbitrary opinions. Microsoft invests in four core areas: Intuitive User Experience, Unified BI Platform, Big Data Analysis and pervasive AI across the platform.

Self-service analysis tool that can be used by anyone

In essence, the core of Business Intelligence is a process that requires collaboration and in order to build a knowledge culture based on data, it is therefore necessary that all employees have both access and authority to the company's collected data. Power BI provides fast and transparent access to data for all relevant employees.

With Power BI 2020 Release Wave 1, Microsoft is investing in delivering simple, intuitive experiences that are deeply integrated with Office 365 and the solution's users will receive monthly updates on an ongoing basis. These updates include streamlined viewing, navigation and user collaboration, focusing on simpler ways to explore data, find information and share important insights across the company.

Leading mobile BI
With an ambition to enable everyone in the company to gain insight into the data collected, no matter where the employee is located and in which context, Microsoft has developed what they call the world's leading mobile BI app and enabled embedded business intelligence in your applications, websites and portals. You can also benefit from authorization features, from the improved formatting controls to tools that let you adjust the performance of the solution.

Unified BI platform for the organization

Make it possible for the organization to create a global, managed, scalable, secure and unified BI platform which accommodates the need for a self-service and central business intelligence platform. Power BI delivers a modern all-in-one BI platform, which is now updated with semantic models whose purpose is to assess the content of electronic text in various ways, as well as worldwide reporting.

Big data analysis with Azure's data services

Both the amount and complexity of your data will continue to grow exponentially. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in an effective analytics solution that is user-friendly, fast and not least secure, to extract important insights from your data and, based on that insight, take timely actions and establish strategies which helps the company maintain competitive advantage.

Pervasive artificial intelligence for BI

With 2020 Release Wave 1, Azure's new and groundbreaking AI capabilities are now also available in Power BI. The new AI features require no code, enabling all Power BI users, regardless of code knowledge, to discover hitherto hidden actionable insights in the company's data and, based on this insight, create better business outcomes for the company. The new technology thus helps employees explore data, automatically find patterns, contexts and deviations as well as understanding the significance of the data and predict future results and create better business results.

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