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Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 upgrades

In October, the rollout of another Power Platform upgrade wave starts. Here new options, functions and upgrades are released for the business apps and services that make up the business application platform.

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Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 overview

With the applications that make up the Microsoft Power Platform, companies and business users get a unique opportunity to analyze, act on and automate their business data and thus to modernize and transform the company. Power Platform currently includes four business apps: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. In addition, in Power Platform there are two add-on applications: AI Builder and Power Pages.

With the Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 upgrade wave, Microsoft is releasing new features, upgrades and capabilities for all the business apps that make up Power Platform.

The 2022 Power Platform upgrade wave starts in October 2022 and ends in March 2023.

Power BI

Med Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 opgraderingerne til Power BI investerer Microsoft i at hver enkelt medarbejder i virksomheden får mulighed for at blive inkluderet i og drive en datadrevet forretningskultur.

  • With the 2022 release wave 2, Microsoft has improved the authoring experience by customizing experiences with Microsoft 365 and enabling dataset authoring on the web.
  • The 2022 release wave 2 brings the Power Query chart view into Power BI Desktop, allowing creators to use a code-free experience to perform ETL on their data.
  • For Microsoft Teams, in the Dynamics 365 2022 upgrade, Microsoft adds improvements to Metrics, which are focused on the company's needs, as well as integration to the goal-setting and administration solution Viva Goals, which adapts teams to your company's strategic priorities.
  • In addition, the big data experience for Power BI is enhanced in 2022 release wave 2. This is done through automatic aggregations, scaling out queries, data protection capabilities through DLP. These enhancements provide improved visibility into activity for administrators.

Power Apps

Microsoft's application development platform Power Apps delivers industry-leading low-code functionality for creators and developers of all skill levels and is designed to support the extensibility of Dynamics 365, the customization of Microsoft 365 as well as independently customizing series of business applications for companies and business users in countries around the world.

Power Apps provides efficient and smart development tools with low code, hundreds of connections to common business data sources and, not least, a robust and secure data platform in the Microsoft Dataverse. This means that your business users with Power Apps work more efficiently and that efficiency increases and the costs, complexity and time of software development are dramatically reduced.

With the Microsoft Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 upgrades, Microsoft is investing in several areas of Power Apps, including:

  • Trust: In order to build trust with users and the company's IT teams, it is crucial that the business apps that make up the Power Platform are both secure and controllable.
  • Data: Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 aims to make business creators and developers of all skill levels more efficient and productive on the Microsoft Dataverse, multiplying their productivity with fusion teams and leveraging intelligence to contribute to a smarter development process.
  • Fusion: The Power Apps 2022 release wave 2 adds built-in collaboration for the solution's end users and integration with Microsoft 365 to enable teams to collaborate effectively and act on business data. New updates and features are also being added to Power Apps to modernize the app's user experience.
  • Intelligence: With the 2022 release wave 2, companies will be able to build and deliver flagship apps for the entire company through Power Apps with both offline and stand-alone apps.

Power Pages

The latest addition to the Power Platform is Microsoft Power Pages, an application that enables you to build, host, and manage modern external business websites.

Power Pages is an independent Software as a Service (SaaS) platform application and the idea is that the application should be usable by anyone, regardless of technical background and developer experience, to create data-driven, modern and, not least, secure websites.

This means that whether you are used to writing code or are a professional developer, Power Pages gives you the ability to quickly design, configure and publish your websites that work seamlessly across web browsers and devices.

With the 2022 release wave 2 for Power Pages, Microsoft has focused on adding more out-of-the-box features to support both low-code/no-code development and professional development. Some of the new capabilities in the October 2022 upgrade to Power Pages allow developers and creators to have additional options for working with forms and lists using the design studio and to get users up and running quickly using additional solution templates. Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 also delivers improvements for professional developers that enable them to do more with the websites that use the Microsoft Power Platform CLI tool and Visual Studio Code. Administrators will be better able to manage and manage their Power Pages sites.

Power Automate

With Microsoft Power Automate, you get a number of functions that you can use to automate a large number of the company's repetitive and time-consuming workflows. In this way, with Power Automate you can optimize the productivity, and thus the efficiency, in your company.

Through cloud flows and robotic process automation (RPA), Power Automate helps efficiently execute tasks and processes across the enterprise. Power Automate is also deeply integrated with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Dynamics 365 (including Dynamics 365 Business Central) and not least the rest of the business apps that make up the Microsoft Power Platform.

With Power Automate 2022 release wave 2, Microsoft is investing in several areas around the following four themes:

  • Automation for everyone – where it is needed: Many discover Power Automate via integrations in other products, for example Business Central, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. With the 2022 release wave 2, Microsoft is making it easier to get started with automation through any application you use in Dynamics 365, Power Platform or Microsoft 365.
  • Hyperscale Cloud RPA: Regardless of size and industry, companies have in common that they want to scale up their RPA implementations. With the 2022 release wave 2, Microsoft is making it easier to deploy RPA at scale with features that make it easier to manage machines and the credentials of both users and accounts in Azure.
  • Automation that never crashes: Basically, the service must never crash. In the 2022 release wave 2, Microsoft has a major focus on delivering end-to-end experiences in consumer quality, because ultimately everything about the platform must run stably and function. All features in Power Automate will be reliable, easy to use, and automatic by default (following the API-first approach), so you can "set it and forget it."
  • Easier to get started: With the 2022 release wave 2, it should be easier for all users to get started with automation when they start Power Automate for the first time. In addition to a number of relevant first-time experiences, Microsoft is adding more intelligence across the entire product, which will make it easier for users to process even complex documents.

Power Virtual Agents

Usually, creating a bot is a complex and time-consuming process, which often involve a team of development experts and long content update cycles. With Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, any employee in the company can easily create AI-powered bots that can chat with users and customers about specific topics. Your bots can both answer routine questions, solve common problems or automate tasks that already take up valuable time for your customers or employees.

The Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 upgrades for Power Virtual Agents include a wide range of improvements to the editing experience, including commenting, Power Pages integration, data loss prevention capabilities, proactive bot update notifications in Microsoft Teams, and many more.

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