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Shopify connector for Business Central

Microsoft and Shopify have entered into a partnership, to create optimal integration from Business Central to Shopify. The purpose is to create a better shopping experience for both retailers and end customers and the smooth integration means that you are up and running in no time.

User-friendly e-commerce and efficient ERP

With the Shopify integration to Business Central, e-commerce companies get the opportunity to do business online efficiently. With Shopify, you have a user-friendly e-commerce solution with a range of built-in effective analysis tools, and with Business Central you get a comprehensive business application for business management, whose functionality goes across finance, sales, service, inventory management, operations and so on, all in one a single business application.

Built-in integration with Shopify

The smooth integration between Business Central and Shopify seamlessly synchronizes your order, inventory and customer information to ensure e-commerce companies can execute orders faster and provide better service to their customers. The joint effort between Microsoft and Shopify promotes Business Central's ability to connect data between the two solutions, thus helping e-commerce companies increase their adaptability, work more efficiently and perform better.

There are already a large number of ecommerce (B2C) platforms on the market, but with the new Shopify connector, you are up and running fast with a user-friendly e-commerce solution.

Benefits of Business Central and Shopify integration

The seamless integration you achieve with a Shopify connector for Business Central means that you can run your webshop without any problems and focus on your core business, analysis and increasing your sales.

Fast adjustment

The direct connection between Business Central and Shopify will help online companies worldwide to introduce more agile and flexible business processes, while still maintaining a high focus on sales. With data connected across your online shops and underlying business operations, you can respond quickly to customers possible demands, such as adjusting product prices. By supporting multi-level pricing structures as well as multiple currencies, companies and devices, Dynamics 365 easily supports multiple Shopify store scenarios.

Work more efficiently

The close integration between Shopify and Business Central improves the transparency of your inventory management, pricing, customers and their order history, order status, invoicing and payments, so you get an increased overview of your business processes in your webshop. By creating visibility in your online business, you can offer faster response to inquiries from your customers, timely returns and refunds and a more accurate order processing.

Better business operations

The smooth integration between Business Central and Shopify improves operating efficiency and not only saves you a lot of time and reduces your operating costs, the close integration can also be converted into a better bottom line and faster decision-making, which is based on insight and knowledge. With the two solutions, you can confidently trust that you can easily expand your online business and presence and minimize a number of fixed costs via automatic synchronization between solutions for price changes, product updates and customers. At the end of a given accounting period, Business Central assists with the financial reporting and tax reporting required by the applicable local law.

Shopify connector features

With the new Shopify connector in Business Central, you as Shopify user achieve a wide range of benefits, including:

Multiple Shopify webshops

  • Each webshop has its own unique setup, which includes collections of products and locations that are used in relation to calculations of inventories and price lists.

Two-way synchronization of your goods/products

  • Easy synchronization of images, product variants, barcodes, supplier item numbers, extended texts and tags
  • Export your item attributes directly to Shopify
  • Use selected customer price groups and discounts to define prices exported to Shopify
  • Decide for yourself whether your items can be created automatically or whether you will only allow updates of existing products in the system

Synchronizing your inventory levels

  • Select only some of the available locations in Business Central or select all of them
  • Update your inventory levels at multiple locations in Shopify

Two-way synchronization of your customers

  • Smart-map your customers both by email and by phone.
  • When you create customers in the system, you can use country-specific templates, which help you ensure that your tax settings are set up correctly.

Importing your orders directly from Shopify

  • Create customers while on the go or take advantage of regular retail customers so you can store customer data in Shopify.
  • You also have the opportunity to include orders that have been created in other sales channels, for example Shopify POS or from  your Amazon sales platform.
  • Shipping costs, shipping and payment methods, gift cards, transactions, gratuities and fraud risk.
  • Receive all payout information from Shopify Payments.

Easy tracking by sending fulfillment information to Shopify

  • You have the opportunity to choose to include item tracking information from Business Central to Shopify.

Please note

The Shopify connector for Business Central is only available in Business Central online and therefore not available for the on-premise version of Business Central. This feature is expected to be available as an extension in all countries/territories where Business Central is currently available. Shopify connector for Business Central will be pre-installed for all new customers. Existing Business Central customers can download and install the extension directly from Microsoft AppSource.


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